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Your Local Attic Cleaning Specialists

Does your attic need to be cleaned? Does your insulation need to be improved? For everything from decontamination to rodent removal, Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles is your local service. With a service area that covers nearby towns such as Huntington Park and Maywood, you’ll be able to get any attic issues solved quickly and reliably.

Reliable Problem Solving For Local Residents

Discovered rodents in the attic, or had a leak? You need help quickly. With Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles you can be sure of getting service when you need it. Based in your area, with a fast response time, you can be sure that when you need rodent removal in Walnut Park or new insulation in Commerce, Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles will be on hand to help.

Attic Decontamination In Your Area

Mold, rodent droppings and other debris can often be left behind if you’ve had a problem with your attic. If not professionally handled, this can cause the same issues to occur with your new insulation. Schedule decontamination with Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles to ensure that every trace of debris is removed, providing peace of mind. If your home in Glendale has suffered from mold, or you’ve had rodents removed from your attic in nearby Huntington Park, then decontamination is vital for ensuring you don’t see the same problems occur again.

Installing New Attic Insulation Near You

The better your property’s insulation is, the less you’ll have to spend on climate control. If you can keep rooms warm or cool without spending lots of money, you can stay comfortable all year round. That’s a big reason why installing new attic insulation is so important. Old material tends to develop issues, especially if it’s gotten damp or has been damaged. By removing the old material and installing new insulation, Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles can ensure you don’t overspend on climate control costs.

Rodent Proofing and Removal Services

Unwanted guests making noise overhead? Mice and rats are a constant pest for homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area. These rodents chew through insulation material and leave their droppings all over the place, leading to costly cleanups and potential health hazards. Your local experts, Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles, are ready to help. Rodent removal services ensure that mice and rats are taken away from your property. Attic sealing is also on offer, which prevents the rodents from re-entering at a later date. Don’t be tempted to put off dealing with an infestation of rodents. If not handled quickly, they will spread to other parts of the property and cause worse damage.

Attic Cleaning For LA and Nearby Areas

Being close to your home or business doesn't qualify an attic cleaning company. Having a good reputation and a proven track record of excellence does. But cleaning crawl spaces and attics is just a small part of it. There are plenty other services on offer. All your attic insulation needs are covered here as well. The same goes for rodent proofing your home or your commercial establishment. If it involves attics, rodents, or crawl spaces, the team at Crawl Space Cleaning Los Angeles can help. Give us a call today for more information.

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Excellent customer service - I truly felt looked after. I’ll make sure to recommend your company further. When it comes to attic cleaning and decontamination, you guys are best in business.
Carol Haley
We're very happy that we called your company to clean and decontaminate our attic. The workers came the very next day after I called and finished the job exactly as I needed! Excellent work!
Isabelle Stevens
The cleaning team you sent out today was absolutely awesome! They rodent-proofed and sealed our attic, installed filler insulation, and finished in less than two hours. The attic looks and smells great! Thanks so much!
Samir Reyes


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