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We’ve gathered so much experience in attic cleaning over the years that we’ve decided to share it with you. Our tips are waiting for you further down on this page, so, go on, have a look!

Get your building protected against mold

You don't want to risk a remote chance of mold being able to grow and spread through your workplace, not when it will cause a ton of damages as well as pose a health risk to your employees. Make sure the building is checked frequently for any signs of it such as a mildew smell or discoloration, especially in more closed off and rarely gone in areas such as an attic type space, crawl spaces, etc. There are special sprays that can prevent it as well.

Keep your attic clear of anything to entice pests

Unfortunately, rodents and insects can be drawn to your attic due to a number of factors, from food of any kind including for pets or animals, or even dust. They are attracted to any space where they feel they can find food or have shelter to make nests and have offspring. The dirtier your attic is, the more it looks like the perfect place to hide and do so. Keeping it fresh and cleaned out makes them less likely to invade.

Inspect your crawl space for signs of animals

Animals love to make themselves at home in your crawl space, and that includes destroying your insulation for nesting and gnawing on the wood keeping it sturdy. If they damage the vapor barrier, mold can grow. They can also spread disease from their waste or cadavers, which can rise up into your home along with a bad smell, particularly in the hot summer months. Use a flashlight to look into the crawl space to search for signs of droppings or chewing marks.


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