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Why do rats come into my house?

This may happen even if your house is spotlessly clean! Rats will go wherever there is food, water and shelter. The only way to deter rats is to deny them access to all of the above by rodent-proofing your home. If you don’t feel up to the task, you can call one of our professionals to do the job for you.

Can I replace insulation myself?

It is possible depending on what type of insulation is involved but can be dangerous. Proper safety equipment must be worn no matter what type it is to avoid getting particles in the eyes, lungs, and even skin. It is also important to ensure that all removed pieces of insulation are carefully put into bags and to avoid allowing pieces of it to get all over. Ensuring the right R-Value and amount of insulation is in place is also necessary for it to work properly.

Can I clean my crawl space?

While possible, this isn't recommended unless you are a professional. The crawl space is so named due to the fact it's very small, making it easy to get stuck. There may also be substances that can affect your health if the proper equipment is not worn, from diseases thanks to pests, to mildew that can enter the lungs. This is particularly a problem for anyone with breathing issues such as asthma, or even allergy sufferers. It's safest to allow an expert to handle it.


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